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After disabling the Terrarium TV application, many users are looking for an alternative application to watch movies and series for free on their mobile device. Many applications arose, but most do not meet the requirements of users and are much worse than the Terrarium.

For those who are looking for the best solution, we present the BeeTV application which has the most functions and is the best of currently available applications of this type on the market.

BeeTV APK is a crawler application, that is, has a built-in algorithm that searches the Internet to find the movie we are looking for. When the application sees an external link to the video we want to watch, we can play it in the built-in player entirely for free.

The application community makes sure that it works as well as possible and continuously updates it with new features that streamline the application. In this post, we will present you the functions of BeeTV APK, and we will guide you through the installation process so that anyone who wants to use the application has managed to install and use it. Read on, and you will see how easy it is to use.

beetv app

Before we proceed to the installation of the APK file on our mobile device, let’s review the essential features of the application. It has more functions than those that are included in this post, but there are only those that we will give just the most important ones. We hope that it will encourage you to take advantage of BeeTV.

The most important features of BeeTV APK

  • The application is entirely free and does not have any hidden costs or micro-transactions
  • Ability to download your favorite movies, series and TV programs to the local memory of your mobile device to be able to watch offline without access to the Internet
  • All materials offered by the application are available in high resolution
  • The app supports Chromecast so you can watch movies and TV series on your TV in high definition
  • BeeTV has a very easy to use and intuitive interface, so people of all ages will be able to handle this application
  • The application takes very little internal memory of the device. Therefore it can be installed even on older devices without the need for an SD card
  • The application has very few ads that help in maintaining the app, but they are not annoying and do not interfere with taking pleasure in watching your favorite movie or series
  • All media that the application offers have subtitles that can be enabled in the player

beetv app

  • BeeTV APK does not require a phone Root to be able to install it. This is a big plus for people who do not know about phone modifications

When using BeeTV, we recommend using VPN to change the IP to make your online activities anonymous and safer.

BeeTV APK on Android – Compatibility, and requirements

The BeeTV app is compatible with any smartphone with Android. However, it requires the right version of the system. The best solution is to update the device to the latest Android version, but if you have version 4.4 or higher, then you will be able to use the application. BeeTV requires at least 1 GB of RAM to run and function properly to ensure smooth multimedia playback in HD quality. A good internet connection is also recommended for the video to be buffered quickly and efficiently.

beetv android

Download and install BeeTV APK on your Android device

Now that you know the most important features and requirements of the application, you can download the APK file and install it on your smartphone. The link to download the installation file can be found on this page under the “DOWNLOAD” button. The application is constantly updated. Therefore you will always find the latest version. How do you install BeeTV on your device? Follow everything step by step by the instructions:

  1. Before downloading the APK file, enable the “Unknown sources” option. To do this, go to the phone settings, then to the Security tab and enable the Unknown sources option.
  2. This is required because we install the application independent of the external source.
  3. Now download the APK file from this page and locate it in the memory of our device
  4. Click on the file icon to launch the BeeTV installation. When the application finishes, the application icon will appear on the home screen
  5. That’s all! You can now enjoy free access to an unlimited number of movies, series, and TV shows

beetv app

How to use BeeTV APK on Android devices

  • After launching the application, the main screen will appear. This is the default interface with the proposed movies
  • To switch between film and TV programs, use the side menu
  • The application has a tab with HD movies in which you will find all the productions that are played in high quality
  • To quickly access our favorite programs and movies, add them to the Favorites section. You can also add them to the Watchlist
  • The application offers three categories. They are popular, Trendy and Recent


  • BeeTV has a search bar so you can search for content that you are interested in
  • A range of filters is available so that you can precisely specify what kind of films you would like to see
  • If you encounter a problem or you have questions for application developers, the authors allow you to contact us directly from the application

Below are the most common errors and solutions

beetv download

No data available

Sometimes it happens that after launching BeeTV you will not see any content in it. A frequent cause of this problem is the maintenance of the application, so please wait some time and restart the application. If the problem persists and you can not see the content for several days, please uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If the reinstallation did not help, your internet service provider probably blocked BeeTV’s access to the Internet. In such cases, you must install the VPN program to change the IP

The selected movie is not played

If the film you chose does not play and the other content works mean that the material has been blocked in your country. To get rid of the problem, you need to install the VPN to change the IP

The installer does not start

If you can not install BeeTV APK because the application installer does not start, then you have not enabled the Unknown sources option. If you do not know how to do it, go to the Download and install BeeTV APK section on the Android device on our website

beetv for android

We hope that we discussed all the issues that interest you and encouraged you to use BeeTV. Currently, it is the best application that is available for free to watch movies and TV programs. Do not waste time, download it now and enjoy!